Jazzwax Link to my StarrTreks Blog

25 Jan
Charlie working with Barry Harris on movie "Bird"

Charlie working with Barry Harris on movie “Bird”

Marc Myers, journalist and regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal in music and arts, and recipient of the 2012 jazz blog of the year for his www.Jazzwax.com blog, provided a link on his blog to my article on vibraphonist, Charlie Shoemake, as well as my former monthly music column. My article on Charlie Shoemake was originally published in the SLO Journal Plus magazine in June 2013, and on my blog on July 26, 2013. To see Marc’s reference to my writings, scroll about a third of the way down his blog for “2013 week 46.”

This blog, www.starrtreks.com., also features many other interviews with talented and interesting musicians, in addition to other cultural and travel experienes

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